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Citer message N°6488 Water Deficiency
Not having enough Water in our Tissues would be a rather concret cause for several serious conditions, our Body contains about 70 % of Water, without enough Water, bodilly appearence and Functions would be quite impaired.
Tissus like Blood and Lymph would not be, the Brain, the Nervous System contains about 90 % of Water, its a prime component for it to work properly, a lack of Water would cause mental and perception abnormalities: Visual snow, hallucinations, dellusions, delirium, unconscienceness and finally death.
Without enough Water our Muscle would't be as efficient for motion production, they would be way to tense, to rigid to contract and relax.
The Heart is a Mucle, the Muscle that pumps our Blood towards and away from our Cells, Tissus, Organs and Systems.
Viceries are partly Muscles, they wouldn't work properly, then Ingestion(Eating), Digestion, Breathing, Hormones secretion... would become very difficult.
Vessels(Arteries, Veins, Capilaries) are partly, mostly made of Muscles, then Blood and Lymph Circulation would be a problem, and without them...
Without enough Water, feces and Body waste elimination in general would be impossible, which would make survival quite difficult, very rapidly our Body would poison itself, and death would come slow and painful.
Because Elimination is such a Primary function that without it we would catch all kind of illnesses such as cardiovascular diseases, mental illnesses, hyper-stress, not just regular stress, hyper-stress, it's stress but several times stronger, and also all kind of infections.
Source "Wikipedia", "N.I.H".

Le 31 December 2010 à 12:58 par didieraymond

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